Harvest Kids

Partnering with parents in teaching children the foundational truths of God’s Word and their obedience to it.

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Every weekend Harvest Kids hosts a high impact children’s ministry program during our weekend worship services.
This program is designed with age-appropriate experiences for children newborn to Grade 5.

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At check-in you’ll get printed name tags for your children and a parent receipt with a matching, randomly generated, 4 digit code. You’ll show this parent receipt to pick up your children at the end of the service.


After children are checked in, they head to their classrooms. There they’ll meet up with their friends and class leaders and participate in some connection activities prior to large group worship and teaching.


During this time, your children will be led in songs of passionate worship to our God. Our music is carefully chosen to communicate biblical truth and is skillfully led so that Christ is exalted.


Each week we open our Bibles and teach with authority in a manner that children can understand. We believe strongly that children should never be bored with the Bible, and we work hard to make sure that doesn’t happen.


The children experience a Harvest-style small group in an age appropriate format. Scripture memorization, prayer and fun, intentional activities are included to promote personal application of large group teaching.

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Our events are designed to glorify God by impacting the lives of children, their caregivers and our volunteers. We seek to build solid, God-honouring relationships that result in children who are transformed by the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Summer Camps

Each summer during the month of July we host two weeks of camp for kids age 3-11.

Kid’s Club

From September to April we host a Wednesday night weekly kids club featuring discipleship material from Awana ministries.

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We’re looking for Kids Camp Volunteers

going into Grade 7 or older (must be Ministry Partners or Junior Ministry Parnters).

Print the application from the link below, fill it out and submit to Jennifer Karb by June 21st.

Summer Camp Registration
Windsor Harvest Kids Camp

Each summer, right here in Windsor, Harvest offers multiple weeks of quality summer camps for your children to enjoy. These elective based day camps offer a variety of activities for your child to choose from ensuring they will be engaged from start to finish each day. Our emphasis on small groups means your child will be known by name and will have the opportunity to make some new friends!


In all this, our commitment is to make Jesus the focus of what we do.


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Harvest Kids Club Registration

2019 Kids Club Registration is now open!

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Harvest Kid’s Club runs every Wednesday from 6:30-8:00 PM from September to April. For more information email jennifer@harvestwindsor.ca



For more information about events, please contact:

Jenn Karb

Harvest Kids Director – Events


For more information about weekend services, please contact:

Meg Boggs

Harvest Kids Director – Weekend Services