Coram Deo Conference 2019

November 15-17, 2019 | Harvest Bible Church | Windsor, ON

Main Sessions

The Relevance of God’s Moral Law
Dr. Aaron Rock

Preaching Truth in a Hostile World
Daryl Molyneaux

The Battle for Truth and The Decline of the Western Civilization
Dr. Tony Costa

The Cost of Discipleship: Preparing for Martyrdom
Dr. Aaron Rock

The Consequence of Ideas
Dr. Tony Costa

2019 Workshops

A Biblical Case for Complementarianism & Distinct Gender Roles
Dr. Aaron Rock

Communicating God’s Ethics in an Unethical World
Daryl Molyneaux

Tools for Defending the Faith
Dr. Tony Costa

Equipping Millennials to live out their faith in a Hostile Culture
Josh Bowers

Equipping Parents to Equip their Children to Stand Firm
Blake Hill

Rediscovering a Theology of Biblical Femininity (Women only)
Susie Rock

Hosted by Harvest Bible Church Windsor