Harvest Risk Mitigation Strategy for In-Person Worship Services

Updated: September 3, 2020


By God’s kindest grace we have reopened our building for worship services. Please carefully read the following Risk Mitigation Strategy:


1A. Each participant will sign up for a worship service in advance and complete an online health screening questionnaire prior to attending for the purpose of limiting attendance and to declare the following:


1B. That they have not knowingly been exposed to anyone with COVID-19, in the last 14 days.

2B. That they have not travelled abroad (outside of Canada or the U.S.) or had close contact with someone that has travelled abroad in the last 14 days.

3B . That they have not been required to quarantine under law.

4B. That they have not displayed any symptoms of COVID-19 (such as fever, dry cough, tiredness, difficulty breathing, chest pain or pressure, loss of speech or movement) for the last 14 days.

5B. That they have not attended any mass public protests that did not permit physical distancing in the last 14 days.


Online service sign-ups will generally begin at noon each Thursday.


2A. Each participant will have their temperature checked upon arrival and will not be permitted to attend if they present a fever (100.4° F or greater). Please arrive early and line up for temperature checks.


3A. Physical distancing between households will be required at all times while on the premises. For example, a family of five may sit together and a single person will sit alone, with three chair spaces (6 feet) between households. Worshippers will enter through open doors and proceed immediately to their seats. Standing in aisleways in the foyer or worship centre will not be permitted. Physical contact will not be permitted. Please be cognizant of this while outdoors as well in order to maintain a healthy public testimony.


4A. All bathrooms will be closed except for emergencies or on an as-needed basis.


5A. Congregants will be encouraged to exit the building immediately after the worship service is done, unless they remain seated for conversation, and fellowship with one another outdoors.


6A. Communion will be distributed in pre-packaged, sterile containers.


7A. On-site financial contributions will be limited to cheque or cash dropped in the offering box at the back of the worship centre when exiting. Offering envelopes will not be provided at weekend services. It is recommended that contributions be made through electronic or mail-in options.


8A. Non-medical masks will be recommended for all participants who are able (excluding children under 2, those with trouble breathing, or those who cannot remove it without assistance). Please arrange to bring your own mask as they will not be provided by the church.


9A. Each participant will sanitize their hands upon arrival and hand sanitizing stations will be readily available.


10A. All children’s ministry will be closed until the week of September 13th.


11A. For  persons attending the 9:00 AM service, we would ask that you exit the parking lot no later than 10:45 AM in  order to permit people attending the 11:15 AM service to enter the facility.


12A. Small groups have resumed with physical distancing in place.


13A. We will stream the sermon at 1 PM Sundays with a live chat for those unable to attend in person.



Medical Consultant: Maher N. Zayouna, M.D., D.ABIM.