Harvest On Campus

Harvest Young Adults hosts an on campus outreach ministry at the University of Windsor called “Harvest On Campus”. This student group serves to connect students with Jesus Christ and to provide a clear pathway for them to get involved at Harvest.

Come Join Us!

It’s not just for students! We welcome & encourage people of all ages to get involved in this outreach. We do special outreach events like apologetics/Q&A nights as well as small groups studying things like Christianity Explored on campus! We also love to get students connected to Harvest by inviting them into our homes for meals at key times like Thanksgiving and Christmas. There’s also the free shuttle bus that you can read more about HERE.

For a complete listing of our events and more information about Harvest On Campus, please visit the Harvest events calendar our “Harvest On Campus” facebook page.

Harvest On Campus


For more information about this ministry, please contact:

Chris Eelman

Church Ministries Pastor