Need a Ride to Church?

Harvest offers a free shuttle bus to our 11:15 AM church service with stops at St. Clair College and the University of Windsor.

Please Remember

  • Arrive at your stop 10 minutes early to ensure you are there when it arrives as it won’t wait.
  • The shuttle bus leaves Harvest after service at 12:45 PM sharp and does not wait (Once a month we host a FREE lunch after the 11:15 service for young adults and those who ride the shuttle bus. On these days the bus will leave at 1:35 PM. Lunch dates can be found on the main calendar).
  • The bus arrives approximately 20 minutes before services and leaves approximately 20 minutes after services. If you are a regular at Harvest we hope that the earlier and later departing times will give you an opportunity to serve at Harvest.

Get Notifications

From time to time there are delays or cancellations for the shuttle bus. Sign up here for weekly notifications to keep you updated.

Bus Dates

The shuttle bus is currently not running. Please check back for updates.


If you need a ride on dates that the bus is not running, please call 519-250-5520.

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Blake Hill

Blake Hill

Student Life Director